Frequently asked questions when renting a car in Menorca – Autos Es Castell

1º Fuel policy.

The vehicle usually has a full tank of petrol when handed over and must be returned
full, or with the same level of petrol.
If returned with a lower level of petrol, the difference will be charged for along with a
15€ supplement for re-fuelling.

2º How to pay?

If the booking has been made over the Internet, a deposit of 20% will be charged, and
the remainder paid on delivery of the vehicle. Payment can be made by credit/debit card
or in cash.

3º What type of insurance do I need?

Without a doubt, we recommend a fully comprehensive insurance.
Why? Because however good a driver you are, you are renting a car you are not used to
driving. Measurements are different, as are the steering and the response of the car. Not
only that, you will be driving along unfamiliar roads adding an uncertainty factor which
may alter your driving.

4º Where do I have to pick up the car?

Our staff will be waiting for you at the airport by the glass exit door with an AUTOS ES
CASTELL board, your contract already prepared, and the vehicle parked in the car park.
No queues, no waiting, in only five minutes the car will be handed over to you.
For delivery elsewhere, our staff will take the car to you as agreed beforehand.

5º Where do I have to drop off the car?

The drop off time and place will be agreed when the car is handed over to you.

6º What happens if the flight is late?

When booking we will ask you for your flight number and our staff will be waiting for
you at the new arrival time.

7º Can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking a minimum of 36 hours beforehand, the amount charged as a
deposit will be returned to you.

8º Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can change your booking a minimum of 24-48 hours before the start of the car
rental time by ringing our offices on 616 492 878 or 971 365855.

9º What are the advantages of booking online?

Real time booking gives you the opportunity to check the availability of our cars and
receive immediate confirmation.
At a glance we will show you all car hire prices, including all charges.

10º Is there a charge for making changes to the booking?

There is no charge for changes made to the booking.

11º How do I extend the car rental period when I already have the car?

You must contact our offices and sign a new contract.

12º What happens if I get a traffic or parking fine?

your details will be forwarded to the authorities and you will be charged an additional 30€ fee for the paperwork involved.

13º What to do if there is an accident?

First fill in the friendly agreement accident form which is in the glove compartment,
write down all the details of the other car involved and contact us on 616 492 878 or
971 365855.

14º What to do if there is a breakdown?

Contact us and we will work out a solution as fast as possible.
Contact us on 616 492 878 or 971 365855 from 7 am to 11 pm.

15º What papers do I need when I pick up the car?

Identity card or passport. If you belong to the E.U. the identity document from your
country can be used.
All authorised drivers must carry a current driving licence,

16º What minimum requirements must I fulfil to be able to rent a car?

You must be over the age of 21 and have three years driving experience.

17º What if I am under the age of 25?

There will be an additional young driver charge.